November Notes to the Neighborhood: Security

November 19, 2011

You may be hearing about security from a group of neighbors, primarily outside PHW, who have created a new security association to solicit new subscribers on behalf of Thorpe Enterprises. To avoid confusion, your Board wants you to know that it continues to have confidence in Sergeant Barry Miller, his officers, and the security they provide PHW and 13 other neighborhood associations.

The new security association, Habersham Park Security Area (HPSA), has been formed to replace the defunct Arden Habersham Protective Association. There is also a new civic association being formed called Habersham Park Civic Association (HPCA). HPCA will consist of an area west of PHW and is effectively run by the same neighbors as HPSA. Together these groups are casting a wide net (see the map below) which also includes PHW and Peachtree Battle Alliance. HPSA and HPCA are endorsing Thorpe Security Enterprises who provide a security/concierge service through trained personnel (not police officers) for approximately $575 per year.

Since you may receive material from them, the Board thought the attached flyer detailing Barry Miller’s service and success might be helpful. As we approach contract renewal in early 2012, the PHW Board will make a formal recommendation to our neighborhood association for 2012-13. Given the trend of participation, positive feedback and arrests, we envisage that we will continue to endorse Miller Security Patrol.

If you have any questions, please contact me or any member of the Board.

Sergeant Barry Miller Security

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