August 5, 2011


Last spring, after much research, the Board of PHWCA voted unanimously to offer Sargent Barry Miller’s security patrol services to the Neighborhood. PHWCA officially began the service on April 1, 2011. Sgt. Miller also supervises the security patrol in several of our surrounding neighborhoods: Peachtree Battle Alliance, Spring Lake, Memorial Park, Castlewood, Brookwood Hills, Collier Hills and Paces Civic Assoc.

Features of the Service Offered:

  • Off duty Atlanta Police officers
  • Patrol hours: randomly picked 5 hours per day 6 days per week and 2 hours on Sunday
  • Uniformed officers who can carry weapons
  • Drive cars that are marked
  • Can respond to a call within our neighborhood (even when patrolling a nearby neighborhood)
  • Share radio and hear the Atlanta Police radio and 911calls
  • Can make arrests and coordinate with APD
  • Provide additional services while you are away:
    • place mail in container on your property, trash containers, house checks

The fee for the service is $362 per year. Please fill out this form and follow the payment instructions to become a member of the patrol.

For questions or concerns please contact Donna Barwick at 404-237-2196 or Buff Quillian at or 678-662-6104.